Il sito italiano sugli squali

Gli squali fossili


Extinct mackerel shark
Upper Cretaceous
Ordine Famiglia
Lamniformes BERG 1958 Cretoxyrhinidae GLIKMAN 1958

This genus is known from Europe, Africa and North America deposits, but only by isolated teeth and vertebral centra. Cappetta (1987) included as a western North Atlantic species, C. borodini (CAPPETTA & CASE 1975). Welton & Farish (1993) ascribe two others to the Cretaceous of Texas, C. crassidens (DIXON 1850) and C. semiplicatus (MUNSTER in AGASSIZ 1843).

The teeth have bilobate roots with a U-shaped basal margin and lingual protuberance. Some teeth show evidence of a very weak nutrient groove. The cusp is triangular & elongated but never particularly broad. The cutting edge is complete, and in most species the shoulders bear divergent triangular cusplets and the crown bear folds (wrinkles). The teeth of C. borodini are small, have elongated root lobes and bear strong wrinkles (folds) on the lingual and labial surface of most teeth.

Fig. 1 - Cretodus crassidens
Carlile Shale, Kansas

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