Il sito italiano sugli squali

Gli squali fossili


Squali segugio
Palaeocene - Recenti
Ordine Famiglia
Carcharhiniformi COMPAGNO 1973 Triakidae GRAY 1851

Cappetta (1987) discusses this genus, noting that the anterior teeth are symmetrical with erect crowns, and the laterals, asymmetrical with distally directed crowns. The teeth may have either lateral cusplet(s) or smooth shoulders. He points out that the crown is rather thick and the labial face has a prominent bulge adjoining (/overhanging) the root. The root is expanded with a flat basal face, deep median groove and numerous margino-lingual foramina. He discusses a lower Miocene species, T. angustidens CAPPETTA, 1973 from France, and notes that the genus is also known form the Upper Miocene of that country.

The teeth found in Pungo River tailings conform well with descriptions of houndshark teeth, particularlly well with Herman, et al (1988) illustrations. The below images depict examples from Lee Creek.
Fig. 1 - Triakis sp -- 96-JAB-TGP-759-O12
Lee Creek (Pungo River) specimen, height = 5.0, width = 5.4 mm

Fig. 2 - Triakis sp -- 97-JAB-TGA-739
Lee Creek (Pungo River) specimen, height = 6.8, width = 7.6 mm

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